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August 09, 2010

Job search engine tips
for better job hunting results

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Job search engine tips ...

By Christina Pomoni,

Looking for a job can be off-putting. However, today's technologically advanced world offers online job search tools that can really help job seekers find a job that matches their skills and competencies in their field of interest. By capitalizing on the services provided by online search engines, job hunting can be an easy task with great results, provided you use these services effectively and systematically in order to save time and energy.

Here are some useful tips that will help you develop a system and get better results in job hunting in the major job search engines.

a) Perform industry search

Many job seekers look for a job simultaneously in many industries. This is wrong because by expanding your search in numerous industries you lose focus and you are more likely to get irrelevant results on your job hunting. Besides, it is time-consuming to perform a job search to numerous industries instead of narrowing down your search to an industry that relates to your field of expertise. In doing so, you get relevant results on your job search and you save time and energy when looking for a job in the major job search engines.

b) Perform Company Search

Similarly like in industry search, it makes sense to narrow down your search in specific companies of a sector that is within your field of expertise. If you send out resumes to all the companies of a particular sector you lose focus because, although these companies belong to the same industry, they are different in their scope and organizational culture. Therefore, you need to do your research in order to find out which companies match your skills and competencies, but most importantly, to which company's organizational culture you fit the best. This policy will save you time and energy and, most importantly will get you relevant results.

c) Capitalize on SEO and Keywords

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is becoming extremely important in job searching. Major job search engines such as Monster or CareerBuilder base the popularity of your resume on the keywords that you use to describe your skills. These buzzwords are mostly researched by employers and recruiters and are broadly considered as uncovering the qualifications of talented candidates in your field. Keywords should be specific so that they can be related to specific job titles, specific skills, job titles etc. in the industry or the company you are interested in.

d) Ensure a Social Media Presence

Social networking sites can be a great help in your job hunting. There is a great number of career-oriented websites through which you can contact professionals and experts in your field. Such sites are LinkedIn, which is the most popular social site for professionals hosting over 55 million members, but also Ryze, Ziggs, Xing, and Konnects -- each one with a different mission and function.

Besides, you can create a Facebook professional page, a Twitter professional account, a MySpace account or launch your own blog or website to ensure that employers and recruiters will stumble upon your resume when the buzzwords take effect in their search to recruit talented candidates for particular job positions. However, no matter what you do, make sure you keep it professional.

Overall, job hunting requires proper planning and a systematic approach. You cannot just sit in front of a PC screen and send out resumes expecting to get a job. Sometimes it works, but it is rare and accidental. You need to filter your search based on the industry you are interested in, narrow down your search in specific companies and use specific keywords that will buzz every time an employer or a recruiter makes a relevant search for candidates in your field.

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