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September 30, 2013

Using LinkedIn To Land Your Next Career

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Using LinkedIn To Land Your Next Career

By Adrienne Erin, Blogger and Contributing Writer at Forbes

Whether you've been at the same job for decades and are looking for something new, are just out of college and want to start your first "real" job, or have recently experienced an unexpected layoff and just need to find something, you're probably taking your job search pretty seriously.

Chances are you've updated your resume. Perhaps you've sent in a few applications, written some prize-worthy cover letters and even reached out to a recruiter or a friend with connections. A job search can easily become a full-time job on its own.

But, what have you done online?

If you haven't put time into this effort, you're probably missing out. In fact, a recent study showed that up to 92 percent of employers currently engage in recruiting through social networks or plan to in the near future.

One of the best tools for getting your online job search started is LinkedIn, an online professional social network that allows you to connect with potential employers and even past business connections. It takes the idea of networking to a new level.
Looking for ways to amp up your LinkedIn efforts?

Check out the tips below...

Be Professional

LinkedIn varies from other social networks in that it's a place to be professional. It's not a site to share party pictures or check-ins. Think of it as an online networking event or cocktail hour.

Look at your profile. Does it adequately represent your experience and what you'd like potential employers to see? It should be a (perhaps more interesting) version of your resume. Make sure your employment history is current and up to date. Be sure to include your skills and project work. Put up a professional headshot as a photo (this isn't the site to share cute photos of your puppy or child).

Professionalism counts during a job search...LinkedIn should be limited to anything that fits this category.

Request Referrals

LinkedIn also makes it easy to share your expertise and to allow your contacts to promote you. Ask your contacts to write you a referral, and offer to reciprocate.

Nothing makes a profile stand out more than referrals. If you're a motorcycle attorney, reach out to clients, co-workers, even judges. If you're a recent grad, ask your intern supervisors and past professors. Get creative and ask those in your network to advocate for you.


As with any job search or social network, if you want to see results, participation is critical. If your network is lacking in size, look for past contacts and request connections. Size matters when it comes to using a network for a job search online or in real life.

Look for groups to join that match your area of expertise. Join or request to join if the group is closed, then reach out. Participate in posts and post topics of your own. By making yourself known, you're making your profile more visible to potential employers and recruiters that frequent the networks.

Think outside the box and understand that LinkedIn can be a great career search tool, just like a real-life network. Get creative and take the time to broadcast yourself. You'll be ahead of the game in no time.

Adrienne Erin is the head honcho at Pongra. She's always loved writing and blogging because it allows her to combine writing with any number of her other hobbies and interests. She's particularly interested in social media, travel, and personal growth. Adrienne writes for a number of websites like: Forbes, SiteProNews, Search Engine People, Ask Miss A, and Gloven. You can learn more about her at her website: Pongra.

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