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August 31, 2015

Create a Cover Letter That 'Does You Proud'

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Create a Cover Letter That 'Does You Proud'

By Jimmy Sweeney, President of CareerJimmy and Author of the Amazing Cover Letter Creator

Rhonda sat down at her desk to draft a cover letter for a job she really wanted - director of a preschool. She had recently completed the training for Preschool Director Certification and had five years of experience working in two different schools as a teacher. Now she was eager to move into a position with more responsibility and opportunity.

She stared at a picture of her grandfather on her desk. He had died just months before but his words still rang true for her. He was someone she looked up to all her life. In fact, his influence prompted her to work with young children so she could pass on to others the love and care she'd received from him.

"You've done me proud," he'd said with a big smile when she received her credential.

With that memory in mind she began to type her job search cover letter - one that would do her proud! She chuckled at the thought. Since a cover letter is the first document a hiring manager sees Rhonda wanted to be sure it would make a good impression. It needed to include the essential details that a hiring manager would be looking for in order to evaluate her qualifications for the job, but also convey a friendly tone.

Details such as one's name, employment background and experience, job skills, and level of education, as well as one's interest in competing for the position are essential. Rhonda wanted to communicate just how much this job meant to her and her passion for helping to shape the minds and hearts of young children as her grandfather had done for her.

Consider Your Employment Passion and How to Communicate It

During tough economic times you might have to work a little harder than usual to catch the hiring manager's eye. Your letter must reflect who you are as a person, as well as a professional. Be sure to add examples and statements that communicate clearly that you're someone who is eager to work hard, meet expectations, advance the company's reputation, get along with co-workers, and promote harmony and good will in all situations.

Many job hunters approach writing a cover letter with fear - even dread. They find it almost impossible to present themselves in an easy, friendly manner, a person who would be an asset to a company. They feel scared, timid, and anxious and their emotions come right through the cover letter. Instead, think of the employer as a helpful neighbor eager to lend a hand. Keep in mind that you both want the same thing - to fill the opening, whether at a preschool or a major New York law firm or some place in between.

But if you make sure that you come across as a real human being eager for a great job in an industry for which you're well equipped, then you have a better chance than many of landing an interview for that position. Why? Because most people stick to the facts to the point that they lose themselves in the cover letter.

You Can Write a Cover Letter That Does You Proud

Therefore, create a cover letter that will show your personality, your character, your humility, and your communication and leadership abilities.

Example: "I'd be thrilled to be chosen to direct ABC Preschool starting in September. I've worked with young children for the past five years and it's my passion to help these little ones develop happy hearts and eager minds as they learn and interact with others, to discover their own talents and to share them. I received my Preschool Director Certification (copy attached) and am now ready for an in-person interview. May we meet to discuss your expectations for the person you hire and also to hear the plans I'd like to implement to take your preschool to the next level of excellence?"

Imagine a hiring manager reading a job search cover letter with this kind of quality and professionalism - one that delivers a friendly and warm style as well as quality credentials. I believe the writer of such a letter would be called for an interview moments after the receiver reads it. Who wouldn't want to interview and hire such a person? Become that individual by writing a cover letter that does you proud!

Jimmy Sweeney is the president of CareerJimmy and author of the brand new, "Amazing Cover Letter Creator." Jimmy is also the author of several career related books and writes a monthly article titled, "Job Search Secrets."

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