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January 08, 2008

Tips For Frustrated Job Hunters

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Tips For Frustrated Job Hunters

By George Blomgren

My articles often elicit frustrated email messages sent by job hunters who are trying their best but feel they aren't getting anywhere or who have had bad experiences courting prospective employers.

Job hunting can be a very painful and daunting experience. And let's be honest: a job hunt entails many things that just aren't fair. Interviewers will promise to call, and many won't. You're required to be on time for an interview; the interviewer may keep you waiting half an hour or longer. There are any number of "hoops" you'll need to jump through, often with no rewards. You'll be judged repeatedly, often by people entirely unqualified to judge you. It's hard work with no compensation, and it may take a long time before it pays off. Ouch.

Having acknowledged these unfortunate truths, accept them and make the most of a painful situation. Remember that your competition (other job seekers) faces the same challenges. You're all on the same uneven playing field, facing the same unfair challenges. Many of your peers will struggle terribly with this fact.

Make a mental game of it. One way of looking at it is that competitors who face the unfairness and hard work with the most positive attitude and persistence are the ones who do best. Choose to be one of them.

I used to work with a sales manager who told new telemarketers that their job was simply to bring him 50 "no's" a day. This surprised many of them. As he explained, "if you bring me 50 'no's,' I know that the 'yes's' will take care of themselves." That's a piece of advice that translates well to a job hunter's situation. Remember that sometimes you can learn from the "no's" you face, but often you can't. Just move ahead, stay focused on opportunities, and keep a positive attitude.

George Blomgren is an Operations Manager with The Benefit Companies. He brings vast experience on both sides of the table, and is currently on the hiring side. As an employer, George offers solid, practical tips to get hired.

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